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Friends of the MINISTRINGS Association

The Friends of Ministrings Association has been incorporated in 2017 by the parents of the Ministrings.  The goal of this Association is to support the children logistically and financially – as a complement to the support and sponsorship of the Conservatory of Lausanne.  The Ministrings projects are founded in art and education. The Association serves to ensure the sustainability of the ensemble and its educational concept.

Join the Association, support the Ministrings and experience their energy!

Annual contribution options are: 40 CHF/€ (adult), 10 CHF/€ (child) or 100 CHF/€ (sponsor)

You may support the Association with your donations and/or also participate in the Minimakeit!  Project
Link to the Project, 2017-2018 (see below).

Membership Application Form

I would like to become a member of the Association. I give the amount of CHF/€
 to the IBAN acount of the association : CH42 0900 0000 1425 2963 8.

  adult (40 CHF / €)       child (10 CHF / €)        sponsor (100 CHF / €)

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IBAN Account of the Friends of the Ministrings Association
CH42 0900 0000 1425 2963 8

The committee members are:
Aurora Blanco, President
Susanne Gogniat, Secretary
Maria De Matteo, Treasurer
Baiju Bhatt
Tina Strinning

Honorary members : 
Anne-Catherine Lyon, ancienne Conseillère d'Etat
John Traelnes, luthier

The association supports the actual projects:

  • The creation of a double album (CD/DVD)
Today, in celebration of our 15th anniversary, the Ministrings are pursuing a new chapter.
This is a rewarding and educational project that will enable others see and share in many memorable and significant moments in the development and history of the Ministrings.  This double album will also serve to promote and expand the Ministrings excitement to many others.
An inaugural show is planned for the first quarter of 2018 and will be held at the Paderewski Hall located in the Casino de Montbenon, Lausanne, Switzerland.  Current and former Ministrings musicians have been working to create the recordings and they will also participate in the inaugural concert.

  • The commission of a new contemporary work by the local Vaudoise Composer, Nicolas Von Ritter. This piece will be written specifically for the Ministrings ensemble.  It will be an integral part of the album and will be presented during the grand event in 2018.
Link: See more detail regarding the project 2017-2018 (in french)

This project 2017-2018 is currently searching for support funding. To enable you to actively support this exciting project which is educational and artistic, we propose a personalized crowdfunding platform titled Minimakeit!
With your support, we offer you a gift of your choosing as detailed on the site.

Link: Go to Minimakeit !

  • The tour to the Northwest region of France from 8 to 15 October 2017:
80 persons (musiciens et families) will participate.

Sunday 8 October, 17h , concert au Conservatoire de Cholet
Monday 9 October, soir, concert au Conservatoire de Nantes
Tuesday10 October
, 14h, scolaire à l’Archipel de Fouesnant
Tuesday 10 October, 20h, concert à l’Archipel de Fouesnant
Thursday 12 October, 9h30 , 10h45, 13h30
, 14h45
, scolaires à L’Estran de Guidel
Friday 13 October, 9h30 , 10h45, scolaires à L’Estran
Friday 13 October, 20h30, concert à L’Estran de Guidel
Saturday 14 October
, soir, concert à Plancoët :