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The Ministrings orchestra was founded in 2002 by Tina Strinning, professor of violin, viola, and pedagogy at the Conservatory of Lausanne. In 2013 she was joined by violinist Baiju Bhatt, active in the jazz and contemporary music scenes. The Ministrings are mentored by the violinist Gilles Apap, with whom they have taken masterclasses, and who has on occasion joined them on stage.

Touring in Istanbul, Paris, Budapest, Barcelona, and elsewhere, the Ministrings blaze their trail with freshness and good cheer. The children follow an original and demanding approach from as young as age seven. With the support of the older ones, they learn to take responsibility and play an active role with regard to their music, as well as the stage performance. They perform in a totally autonomous way, free of any music notation. Most of the pieces played are enriched with a choreography developed as a group, resulting in a colorful, joyous, and singular performance. The result is a magnificent lesson of artistic and social values, and the personal development of each child in an enthusiastic environment.

The investment of expression and movement, of improvisation and creativity, as well as the numerous projects experienced together, creates strong bonds of friendship and common musical interests among the kids, resulting in the formation of various ensembles such as Krysalid, the BAMS, Oct'Opus, and the Bazar Quartet, assuring a continuity into the future.

The Ministrings have several times received the first prize with special mention at the national final of the Swiss Youth Music Competition. They perform with surprising ease from one concert or tour to the next, in Switzerland, Europe, and further afield.

Since the founding of the group in 2002, several generations of Ministrings have come and gone, emanating through their presence, and their “traveling” music, an enthusiastic energy that leaves no one behind!

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Tina Strinning

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